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A will of steel, a strong body, a humble heart and much more …… Learn about the rigorous physical, mental and spiritual moral training and requirements needed to learn the highest level of Chinese classical dance and become a Shen Yun dancer. The video is written and voiced by Shen Yun dancers and is illustrated by real-life scenes.



Behind every seemingly effortless technique are countless sweat, tears and failures. Divine Melody performer Lily Fu believes that classical Chinese dance is a perfect representation of the Taoist idea that there is yin within yang and yin within yang. In this short film, she will show us how classical Chinese dance is a blend of the principles of mutual life and oppression.

點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 付百合:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_72a50574d0ff45c2933151d30454ee7b/Stars-of-Shen-Yun-Karina-Fu


For Shaohao, dance is an integral part of his life. He is so immersed in the world of dance that he enjoys it even when he is tired. Only when you dance with your heart can you realise the beauty of it. The fruit of hard work and sweat is the sweetest of all.
On the stage of Shen Yun, Shaohao is committed to the purest of hearts in every performance, always demanding the best from himself and pursuing the endless pinnacle of his art. He knows that the cultural connotation of art and the moral cultivation of the performers themselves are complementary to each other. His ultimate goal is to pass on this beautiful classical art for generations to come.



The stars guide the way for those who are lost. In Yingshu’s life, Chinese classical dance is like the stars in the night sky, giving her a sense of meaning.
Simple things are not always easy. For Yingshu, the dance journey has always been an exploration: how much control can a dancer have over her body? How malleable is the human body? The quest to learn how to dance is endless. The long-lost technique of “body leading hands”, taught by the Artistic Director of Divine Melody, has led the company to the pinnacle of the art of dance.
Through continuous refinement of the “Body with Hands”, Yingshu has come to realise that dance, no matter how glamorous it may appear, ultimately comes down to the heart. The dance technique of “body with hands” is the only way to bring out the beauty of elegance and grandeur. The greatest joy of this young performer is to immerse herself in the art of dance.

點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 朱穎姝:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_75c6eb7be67b48cfba6651810e5bc538/Stars-of-Shen-Yun-Evangeline-Zhu





Huang Jingzhou’s dance teacher once told him, “At the highest level of dance, it’s not the movement that counts, it’s the culture.

Huang Jingzhou’s dance teacher once told him, “At the highest level of dance, it’s not the movement that counts, it’s the culture.

This advice has been engraved in his mind and has followed him all the way to become a world class Chinese classical dancer. Chinese classical dance is a dance art based on a profound traditional aesthetic. As a dancer, he has worked tirelessly to unravel the layers of this art, and to bring the audience to appreciate the unique and subtle cultural details behind it.

Whenever Jingzhou steps on stage, he is a living inheritor of an ancient culture, dancing with movements that have been passed down for thousands of years and interpreting the wisdom left behind by our ancestors.

Whether it’s the majestic talents of the young Kangxi or the righteousness of the old minister Wang Yun, the interpretation of characters in classical Chinese dance is not only an artistic expression, but also influences and nurtures the performers’ outlook on life. Life is not unlike dance: the beauty of both form and spirit is a higher level.

點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 黃景洲:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_1d1ec9485f574393b07ee55b2e850eaf/She-Yun-Stars-Piotr-Huang



Are all dancers “strong in the limbs but simple in the head”? Even Shen Yun performer Chan Pak Wai used to think so when he was a child, not to mention some audience members. But after being exposed to Chinese classical dance, he realised that it is not enough to just move your limbs.

He was fascinated by the beautiful rhythms, delicate movements, timeless rhythms and ancient wisdom of classical dance. In training and performing, dance also nurtures the temperament of the dancer, and its deeper meaning can only be appreciated by the dancer who puts his heart into it. “The rich and profound culture behind Chinese classical dance has been a source of nourishment for Bai Wei’s growth and has made his life as a dance artist a success.

點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 陳柏維:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_a31580759a594d61829ee5f073d266f3/Stars-of-Shen-Yun-Roy-Chen

Principal dancer Elsie Shi shines brightly both onstage and off. But what’s her secret? She knows that dancing is much more than form and technique—the real sparkle comes from having a strong moral compass. She fills her heart with the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, (and her stomach with Taiwanese bubble tea!) constantly striving to be the best version of herself. Elsie knows that the brightest stars don’t shine to be seen, but to guide others through darkness.

Find out more about Elsie in our latest Artist Spotlight interview where she shares with us the fun and grind of life on the road as a dancer: https://www.shenyun.org/news/view/article/e/WHdwuXb0uXY/artist-spotlight-elsie-shi.html

首席舞蹈家Elsie Shi在舞臺上和舞臺下都閃耀著光芒。但她的秘密是什麼?她知道,舞蹈不僅僅是形式和技術,真正的閃光點來自於強大的道德指南針。她的內心充滿了真誠、同情和寬容的原則,(她的胃也充滿了臺灣泡沫茶!)不斷努力成為最好的自己。埃爾西知道,最亮的星星不是為了讓人看見,而是為了引導他人穿越黑暗。

點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 施逸謙:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_2d0af55c5e4b4b15b2828f6ae62c7435/Stars-of-Shen-Yun-Elsie-Shi

Star principal dancer Chad Chen is one of Shen Yun’s most dynamic performers. He has captivated audiences in roles such as the loyal general Yue Fei, the immortal poet Li Bai, and a fearless Mongolian cavalry leader.

“The same movement can be used for combat or dance,” Chen says. “That’s why in Chinese, ‘martial arts’ and ‘dance’ are both pronounced—‘wu’. This is a hidden gem.”

Chen is the three-time winner of New Tang Dynasty Television’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition. Originally from Taiwan, he moved to New York to study classical Chinese dance at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts and Fei Tian College, where he also excelled academically. In addition to starring in principal roles, in recent years he has also begun choreographing.

明星首席舞者Chad Chen是神韻最具活力的表演者之一。他所扮演的角色,如忠誠的將軍嶽飛、不朽的詩人李白和無畏的蒙古騎兵領袖,都令觀眾為之傾倒。



點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 陳厚任:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_55c03b6f7a554ad18067579445b2e432/Stars-of-Shen-Yun-Chad-Chen

走近神韻明星 – 林孝紘。她小時候還在臺灣時,曾做了一個夢,看見仙女在天上飛舞。夢醒後,她就告訴媽媽:「我想學跳舞!」


A closer look at the star of Shen Yun – Lin Xiaoxiao Hong. When she was a child in Taiwan, she had a dream where she saw fairies flying in the sky. When she woke up, she told her mother, “I want to learn how to dance!

The journey of life took her all the way to the United States, where she was accepted into the Flying Arts Institute and Flying University in New York to study Chinese classical dance. Today, she is a leading dancer with Shen Yun and has twice won the New Tang Dynasty Television’s “World Classical Chinese Dance Competition”.

點擊鏈接進入神韻明星 – 林孝紘:https://www.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/video/_video_8359fbece03f4179a2c91a92e7cfffb2/Stars-of-Shen-Yun-Tiffany-Lin

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